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Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7 "Foolishness" 2 Samuel 13-15

My Dear Children, David learns that one of his senator's is now a conspirator.  Against him and what David stands for.  So David prays these words in 2 Samuel 5:31 --- confuse the counsel of this senator.  David didn't pray against the person but against his words, against the advice of his soul.  And David prays with the strong knowledge of a Sovereign God Who holds all words and hearts in His Hand.  One commentary says we must second our prayers with endeavours.  And David did.  No man holds the corner of the market on truth.  We can think and live and move and love and still need forgiveness.  Yet, David!  Great in wisdom and patience when treated so cruel.  The David who had just sinned beyond his recognition.  May we follow footsteps of the One and Only Who holds us tight, never to let go, never to fail.  

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