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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 24 "Suffering" 2 Kings 12-14

Dear Kids, God saw how much suffering Israel embraced and said, "that's enough."  I'll appoint this King Jeroboam.  2 Kings 14:17.  God owns these good kings.  God takes care of his own.  And while he oversaw these kings; God raised up princes and prophets.  Jonah.  The young prophet who fretted and flew off the handle when God repented.  God is at work in all of us, every single day.  Growing the kingdom within.  God sent him to Nineveh to show him what was in his heart. He was a young prophet who ran away.  But he came back with a vengeance and a vision.  No more "poor me."  May we embrace the suffering in our lives with purpose.

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