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Friday, March 25, 2016

March 26 "Reversed Circumstances" I Samuel 1-3

Dear Ones, I find much comfort in this story.  Hannah is childless.  Leaves her grief with the One who holds life in His Hands.  And it's an interesting prayer in I Samuel 1:18 that she may find favor in the eyes of those over her.  And that God may remember her.  And she deals with what stirs within her.  Her circumstance doesn't change; her heart does.  And she is no longer downcast.  No more!  Two words that speak volumes to my story.  No More!  And then God reverses the story.  It is never meant for us to reverse our circumstances.  He is crucified today scores of years ago.  No reversal of those circumstances.  A Resurrection to new life.  He is making something new out of you.  

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