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Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 11 "Who Is Behind Closed Doors" Joshua 5-8

Dear Kids, The gates were barred.  Behind:  the Jordan closure.  Before:  Jericho forboding entry.  It was a new chapter to these followers through the Jordan River.  No way to advance.  Stuck.  No experience; no engines for attack.  This had to shake their very souls.  Could they find courage within?  The Captain of their souls stopped them in their tracks. And their Chief---he was just as stuck.  But silent lips open---I am the Captain of your army and I have come to you.  And the stunned Joshua speaks: “What message does my Lord have for his servant?” Josh 5:14  Isn't this the question we should be asking in all of life's barred doors?  We had a door close this week.  A really sad door for daddy.  Yet.  This.  What message does our Lord have for his servant, Bob?  He is known. God has come. May you follow in footsteps like his.  

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