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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 25 "44 Stages on the Remove" Numbers 33-34

My Dear Children, This chapter Numbers 33.  This is my story.  44 Stages of their Journey.  44 Chapters of my life of being removed of what was in my hand.  Being redeemed.  Removed from my brand new career; removed from New Orleans; removed from a banking career; removed from Houston; removed from precious city friends; removed from surroundings; removed from church job; removed from Houston church; removed from Seminary; removed from my longings; removed from desire for children 6 times; removed from FW church of 27 years; removed from lifelong friends; removed from good health; removed from Austin church; removed from neighborhood; removed from good friends; removed from children; removed from recognition; removed from what I thought my life would be.  Oh, there is at least 44 removes I've seen.  Just like the Israelites traveling toward Canaan, I am continually on the remove.  Such is my world.  Such is my life.  Passing through this world.  From one desert to another.  And our God always leads the right way, even when it makes no sense.  So, how has Divine Providence led us, kept us, held us, fed us?  One day, all my wanderings will end.  This day.  This present moment is all we have.  There is a hope set before us.  Today is my day on this stage where God has me fixed.  But, it will end.  I'm just passing through it.  May we wrestle well.   

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