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Monday, February 22, 2016

February 23 "The Blood of Martyrs" Numbers 28-30

My Dear Children, So many have walked this road before us. The blood of martyrs spilt. Ancient paths. Here is a new generation of men in Numbers 28. And they are concerned about walking with God in the midst of great difficulties and unsettling wars. They made daily sacrifices. Continual burnt offerings. Our sacrifice has been paid. Our duty, our privilege, our life is to pray always, in everything, the good and the bad. Offer up your solemn hearts to God this day; let Him hear your praises ring through the skies. Serve Him today with the best that you have, like the best wine poured out. It's a memorial of the blood of the martyrs. Poured out as drink offerings to God. Like our friend, Cyd, in Afghanistan. Murdered. For doing God's work there. May we reach down deep today to offer all to our God. Numbers 28:1-8.

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  1. A servant's heart - I think of the times I've cried out to the Lord to serve Him more and meant it and other times I really meant as long as it is convenient and there is air conditioning - no job is demeaning, I just want A/C Lord and for the timing to work well with my schedule Lord.

    Forgive me Lord for not putting You first and giving You everything.

    Annette H