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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 28 "Seek The Favor of God" Exodus 30-32

Dear Children of God, Moses asked the question:  Why God?  Why would your anger burn against the people you have brought out of Egypt with great power and your mighty hand?  Exo 32:11. Some people on this earth might just say that it is with evil intentions that you bring us to a better place only to allow us to sometimes suffer and live life with great difficulties and even wipe us out.  Why God?  All we can do is turn back to the finger of God written in His Word and hang on tight. Exo 31:18. And seek the favor of the Lord, our God. Exo 32:11.  God will bring justice.

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  1. If we are not vigilant, one moment like the Hebrews we can be in fellowship with the Lord on top of the mountain and the next in the deepest valley due to sin.