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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 20 "Tomorrow" Exodus 7-9

Dear Children, Never assign tomorrow what you face today. “Tomorrow,” Pharaoh said. Exodus 8:10. Tomorrow, you can pray for me.  Tomorrow, you can set me free.  Tomorrow, you can send the plagues back heavenly.  But not tonight.  And I wonder why.  So puzzling.  So troubling.  So disturbing.  Yet, all we can deal with is our own things that plague us.  Call upon the name of the Lord, Today!

PHOTO:  Ezekiel. We love his voice. May You hear our voice, Today. 


  1. In the past 6 years or so, I've let procrastination creep into my life. Some days it is to do with housework, some days it might be grocery shopping, others going on errands. I used to get the to do list done. I've prayed about it over the last few weeks. And though today's reading is not about procrastination, this struck me as God meant it and about procrastination:

    Those of Pharaoh’s servants who feared the word of the Lord hurried to bring their servants and livestock into the houses, but those who did not take the word of the Lord seriously left their servants and their cattle in the field.

    If I take the Lord seriously, I will live as He wants me to live, a wise woman with my lamp ready to go.

    Annette H

  2. I love it Annette that it's not about the "to do" list but it is all about getting stuff done because we are fearing God and living "as He wants me to live." It's always about the heart, and then the obedience follows, isn't it? Just love the Word. Looks deep into my heart and makes me a new person all over again. Thanks for the beautiful comment, as always.