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Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 24 "The Grand Demand" Exodus 19-21

Dear Ones, Never in history has God chosen to speak like He did through giving Ten Commandments that envelop the intentions and thoughts and motives and demands of our lives. The "Grand Demand of Love" springs from obedience.  And to obey, may we have no other idols before---none in heaven; none in earth. God was before everything and we owe him everything.  God still speaks to us through His Providential hand, our consciences, His written Word but only two tablets once!  And we all have defaced the tablets.  And we get ourselves in messes.  I sit in a hospital room tonight cause I've not taken care of myself.  And yet, we all have clean slates for the grand demand.  Keep on loving each other.

PHOTO:  You know these feet belong to?  Keep running the good race.  Fighting the good fight.    The Grand Demand of love for God and for your neighbors.

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