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Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5 "Straitened or Stinted" Luke 9, 10

The disciples don't even know the intentions of their own heart here.  How often does that happen in all of us on our way to do good?  They wanted fire rained down on those who didn't believe.  Jesus came not to destroy but deliver.  Luke 9:51

Christ is always doing us good.  He sees the crowd in need.  He never leaves us "straitened or stinted."  Love that God just doesn't straighten us out but gives grace, healing, joy.

Five loaves.  Two fish.  It's all He had to work with.  Every day, Christ makes it happen again in the midst of impossible odds.  But, He is not playing the odds; He controls them.  Luke 9:10.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Oh Father, wake us up to see how we are really handling our lives.  Matthew Henry talked about how we are doing others harm when we think we are doing good, unawares of the workings of our own hearts.  Wake us up!

PHOTO:  WAKE US UP!  Fire in our bones.  Flame bright in our hearts.  Oc

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