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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 22 "Searching Scriptures" Acts 16, 17

The Bereans.
More noble.  Why?
They searched the Scriptures daily to see if what the disciples were preaching was really so.  They didn't take face value.  It was that important to them that they find it for themselves.  And they found the Supreme Treasure.  No posturing.  No pretense.  No phonies.

"Many believed." 

They took the Gospel as very real unto themselves.  Reminds me of the mantra from Larry Crabb: "You are not alive in this world in order to experience God or to enjoy the blessings of a comfortable life.  If that were God's purpose, He would have brought you into His Presence in heaven the moment you were forgiven and adopted into God's family." 

These Bereans.  They knew.  And.  They trusted.
What about me?

"Your purpose till you die is to reveal a new attitude toward suffering and a new agenda in prayer that flows out of your new purpose in life that makes sense only if you claim your new hope of resurrection."  Larry Crabb

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Father, these disciples were so devoted, committed, dependent, confident, and willing to suffer to great lengths for You.  And I'm caught up in the daily hum-drum of 2014 that buzzes to me that I am unimportant, overlooked, and disenfranchised.  Oh, God help me!

PHOTO:  Contemplating this Word of God as I walk 10,000 steps that I'm not here for experiences or comfort or solutions or success.  I am here to claim my new hope of resurrection. 

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