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Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 20 "A Mist of Problems" Acts 14, 15

The apostles spoke so plainly, so pure full of concern for souls. People knew their success was attributed to God not their expertise. Not so today. It's too much about how good people are in speaking, teaching. These plain pure men proved the Spirit of God. May it be said of those of us who are nondescript in obscurity. It is God in our lives willing and working on our behalf. 

Our God has opened the door of faith wide open to all of us who were once strangers. So, according to Acts 15, let us bury our past injuries and insults. 

Rend your hearts not your behavior. And we will know what we really care about when we are snubbed and dubbed and can walk away rejoicing we were counted worthy to suffer. 

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers
Father, Lead us this day to rend our hearts to You alone. Not to change our behavior to fit the occasion. But would You change our lives this day. 
PHOTO: Wide open spaces. A wide door of faith. Open. Help us to walk through the mist. 

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