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Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 5 "Who Are You Like in Your Greatness?" Ezekiel 28, 29, 30, 31

You will know that I am the Lord!
How many times did God make that statement?
God is always seeking, always beckoning, always calling.
And how long do we go without acknowledging this day that He is Lord!

God speaks to Ezekiel, once again.  Prophesy!
And how many times has God initiated a Word with Ezekiel?
I wonder if Ezekiel ever wavered, ever wondered?
And God says to Ezekiel.
Ask this of Pharaoh:
"Who are you like in your greatness?"
What a telling question.
There is One Who asks the questions we must answer.
It is He.  The Lord.
Be prepared to answer the good questions, the right ones.
To Whom else shall we go?  John 6:66

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Dear Father, Do we remind You of Yourself?  Or are we so full of our own selves and our own plans that we cannot see out.  Fill us with Yourself.  Draw us in.  Draw us up.

PHOTO:  A fisheye of Washington state.  Wondering about this greatness thing.  God has put in our hearts a measure of success.  May we never live for greatness but only for Him.  To God be the glory, the greatness.

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  1. How many times in one given day do we have the opportunity to say out loud or to ourselves,,,You are Lord. He is truly Lord of ALL, I believe that the whole Bible was written to show us that He is truly the Lord of ALL. I believe He shows us in nature and He shows it in the lives of others. He shows it in circumstances. We just don't always acknowledge it. How this must break His heart. May it break our hearts. May each one of us find at least one time today to acknowledge that He is Lord.May we make Him Lord of our lives all over again.