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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Deut 26:1 and Luke 7:27 "Live In It" (April 1)

A widow's son died. No name. Little fanfare. One look from Jesus. The young man sits straight up in his coffin. And Jesus leaves the Village of Nain. A nameless family is rejoicing with a lifeless son sitting up in his brier. And He moves on to another village. The man with the name whom Jesus loved...John. One look into John's eyes. This is what I am doing for everyone in the villages all over the place. The dead rise. The lame walk. It is not going to happen for you, John? What do you think? Luke 7:27 Blessed is the man who is not offended in Me and what I do. Or what HE does not do. Deut 26:1(ESV) "Live in it."

1 comment:

  1. Bev, how He blesses me by how He speaks to you and by what He shows you. You live in it, you truly do. I bless Him for that truth.