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Monday, March 19, 2012

Num 27:13 and Luke 1:15 "Meet You in the Moment" (March 19)

The LORD heard the prayer of Zechariah.  Advanced in years.  Barren.  The prayer spoke through decades.  When the answer came, the brand new father could not figure out how God could or would make it happen. Isn't there a bit of Zechariah in you and me.  We want to figure things out.  Two plus two doesn't equal five, so help me with this, God.  A friend said to me this week that she needs to know why God did what He did in her life, a tragedy.  Will we ever really know?  The angel silences Zechariah.  No voice.  Wonder if we can hear better with no voice?

Welcome your new baby who will grow to be "great before the LORD." Luke 1:15.  He will turn many to the LORD.  He will turn hearts of the fathers to their children, the disobedient to the wisdom of the just.  Unbelievable young man named John.  And his head will end up on a platter while his LORD turns silent.  John will lay down his life for his Friend.

Someone said to me tonight that they hope that I see all my children walk the aisle, hope I see my grandchildren born.  I think there's so much more.  John lived for the Glory of God.  His parents buried him, a young man.  Something bigger here---why am I here.  The milestones are measured in minutes not monuments.  God says to Moses in Numbers 27:13 "when you have seen the Promised Land," know this---I won't let you "in," but I will meet you in the moment.


  1. I had much of the same reaction as I read Zechariah's news today. So many years passed since that first prayer, one of many, were first uttered. Zechariah surely though he'd been overlooked. And finally, the angel of the Lord appears and about knocks Zech out of his bell-laden robe. How many prayers must have been spoken with little hope, abandoned prayers even. "And because of your unbelief, you will be mute, Zech."

    Isn't that a lesson to never give up hope, to not stop believing. And in Jesus's words, "Among those born to women, there has arisen no one greater..." Not just any child, but a child who served the Lord. THAT is answered prayer!

    You are so right, Bev--there is so much more than seeing children grow, but to see them grow in the Lord, even in painful circumstances. SO much more is at stake eternally. Love your thoughts today...

  2. Been thinking about this post all day. Meeting us in the moment...oh, how beautiful. Watching my son grow in the Lord has been beautiful and painful and it's getting more painful for him. He has taken a stand and the young woman who is a believer wants him to give in and not be as strong as he knows he has to be for God to honor his choices. Your words have encouraged me to encourage him. God has encouraged me to encourage him. Praying he can hold fast to our great God and remember all of his wrong choices and how he is paying and know that the results of honoring God will bring him peace and joy and pain but pain that is so worth bearing over the pain of making wrong choices. I truly never thought I would see him making the right choices and following after God as he has. It has blessed my socks off and I stand in awe and amazement at our Big God. Blessings on all of our grown children....may they each choose Him and hold fast to Him no matter what it costs.