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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Deut 4:9 and Luke 2:35 "Take Care" (March 24)

Take Care.
Keep your Soul Diligently.
Lest your Eyes Forget What You've Seen.
And your Heart Remembers Never Ever No More.
The Israelites are called to a Promised Land of such Beauty.
They must fight to get there, but wait, the LORD fights for them.
They need only learn to Rest in the One they Trust wildly.
Because HE has been appointed as their Savior.
He alone reveals the intentions of hearts.
So watch carefully what stirs in you.
Keep your Soul Diligently.
Take Care.


  1. Losing Jesus has always been a kind of humorous story to me. Not funny at the time, I imagine Mary to say. But nevertheless, Jesus not being where He was "supposed" to be in his parents' eyes is awkward, and his response even so obvious--duh, where did you think I'd my Father's House.

    Sometimes, I misplace Jesus. I think He lives at church more than I remember He lives on the street corner in a begger man's cupped hands. Sometimes, I forget He's there and worry that circumstances won't end well. I misplace Him every single time He is not on the Throne of my heart, Lord of my life.

    The thing is He's always where He's supposed to be, and I just sometimes overlook Him.

  2. How witty wise is this: I misplace Jesus. Love the word. Misplaced and Displaced today.

    I just love the way you write and how it deeply touches me.

  3. My daughter is engaged to the love of her life. Exciting day in our family adding a son-in-law who loves the LORD with all his heart. My daughter is beside herself in joy.

  4. Thrilled right along with you Bev. What a blessing...a new son in law who loves your Brooke and the best ting of all.....he loves the Lord .
    fully. Wow...I agree with you, Annette you write so beautifully. Your words made me see how I at times lose Jesus....misplace Him, like we do our keys etc. Wonderful picture words, thank you. As I pondered mine and David's future and fear crept in, He reminded me that to visit too far into the future was NOT wise, that He knew the future and I did not and He had NOT ever failed me in the previous 64 years of my life, WHY would He stop NOW or in the future...brought me up short and got my eyes back on to Him where they belong and I found Him again!!!