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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gen 36:3 and Matt 21:5 "Behold...Divine Providence" (February 1)

The LORD was with them.
"Behold your King is coming to you,
Humble and Mounted on a donkey" ~ Matt 21:5

Your King is coming, Joseph.
Your King is coming, Bev.
Your King is coming, my friend.

An arrogant Joseph gives a bad report about his brothers---wonder why.
An arrogant Jacob loves his youngest son more than the others---wonder why.
When we bump against each other's sins,
we set up our family & friends for heartache and horror if we don't repent.

Joseph's dream draws out hatred from his brothers and
They conspire to kill him. 
So, what kind of love did they have for their own father
much less their own brother.

Meanwhile, Divine Providence is writing the Story
and Joseph is sold to Potiphar in Egypt.
Divine Providence turns the pages of our own Script
and brings us to the place where we are this very day.


  1. Beautiful words your heart. You are like a diamond which is being polished by your maker, and you so shine His light out of the darkness of your night.

    God had so many plans and He used each and every person and event in Joseph's life. He had so gone ahead of Joseph. each step was planned out. There was a purpose for each event. Oh,my. Of course, we see this because we know the whole story, what a beautiful story. He has done that for me and He has done that for each of us. All of it is weaving together to tell His story. May we look for Him in all the parts of our story.
    He is going before us just as He did for Joseph. May we be found as faithful to Him as Joseph was.

  2. Your King is coming-
    Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”

    Do you believe that He loves you? You know the right churchy answers, but deep in your heart, do you believe He loves you, or that you are even lovable? Do you ask yourself how He could possibly love you with the colossal mess you've made of your life? I do. Or, maybe it's a little more insidious--perhaps you believe He does love, He certainly could but you wonder would He dare? My mind and heart can't begin to comprehend His Love. And yet...

    Scandalous Love humbly enters the town today on a donkey. And, just for this moment, the people that would soon betray stop to give Him honor, carpeting the path before Him with palm branches. A Victory parade proceeds as He is about to give His all for you and me, He bravely enters His death.

    Can you believe He loves you? Can I begin to comprehend this kind of love...especially for (or in spite of) me? Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. And yet He does.Hosana in the highest! Jesus saves!

  3. Twinkle, you made me smile awful big! Your package arrived in the mail today and it was simply lovely! Wow. You know how to do a blog "give-away." So surprised I won. The 1934 Triumphant Service Songs is priceless to me --- music to His ears. And, of course, my husband thought the delectable chocolates was for him. Thank you, thank you!

  4. Your Kind is coming, Pearls. :)

    Mary Lou, I love how you write. I feel as if you are sitting right across from me looking straight in my eyes. Thank you!

    Annette, I'm shaking my head at the coincidences (not) about our conversation earlier today. Girls, we were talking about believing God really loves us before I knew she wrote this. It was God for sure! He must want me to know how much He loves me... and you!

    Bev, Mary Lou is right about you. I love your heart, too! You make this all seem so easy! I love how you think.

    Thanks, "Twinkle" for making Bev smile today!
    I love you guys!