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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Job 40:4 and Matt 15:28 "No More" (January 24)

Is the goal of my life blessings from above?
Jesus restores their soul when He sees their faith
and the blessings flow.
He restores their soul before
He restores their blessings.
Restore my soul, oh God! Stir our faith!

Matt 15:28 ~ O woman of great faith:
Be it done for you as you desire.
And her daughter was healed instantly.
This precious daughter who was severely oppressed.
No more!

This righteous man of God called Job,
humbled by the words of the LORD of all.
No more!

Job 40:2 “Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty?

He who argues with God, let him answer it.”
Then Job answered the LORD and said:
“Behold, I am of small account; what shall I answer you?
I lay my hand on my mouth...
I will proceed no further.”
No more!

Oh God! Fan the fledgling flame of our faith!


  1. Job 38 & 39 His works are mighty and marvelous!

    I have had to lay my hand on my mouth to be quiet 40:4 even thought I think I am in the right. Oh forgive me for my arrogance Lord. Increase my faith as I trust in You. Thank you for your compassion upon us.

  2. Oh, Nise. I so hear your heart for your child. Makes something inside me rise up--a mama bear's protection, I suppose. His works are mighty and He sees you in your despair. He is honored as you seek Him in this.

    "Not any more" recalls a prayer of mine. I cried to the Lord with my sister on our knees, as we claimed in faith for a generational curse to leave our family. We prayed for our daughters, for our daughter's and son's daughters, to end a generational sickness. Words wouldn't come from a choked up throat and tears streamed down my face, then the prayer-not any more. In Jesus Name, Not any more. Not asking, but speaking it so...At the time it seemed like faith, but looking back, I want to amend the prayer to say, like Daniel's friends in the fiery furnace--the God I serve is able to save us. But even if He doesn't, I will serve no other...

    Faith that God will do what we want Him to do is no faith at all. Faith that He is sovereign and magnificent, a "Terrible (and terrifying) Beauty" and that He is Lord of all and Lord of every detail, well even Satan knows that. Faith must be our personal journey of resting in Him, finding our next breath because He ordained it, seeking our sole focus to yearn for more of Him.

    I fail so miserably. Arrogance and lack of trust, self-seeking motives. Forgive me, Lord. Have mercy on each of us. Your works are marvelous in our eyes.Ps 118.23

  3. Nise' and Annette and Bev, I am with you. Humbled and awed. Repentant.

    Perfect reading joining up today's passages from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

    God stands up and reveals WHO is and who we are in today's reading.

    "Have the gates of death been revealed to you, or have you seen the gates of deep darkness?"

    I say, "No, Mighty God, and I thank You that I never will."

    And then, in the New Testament God reveals through Christ His authority and His priority during this dispensation, but a desperate woman with great faith pleads for her tormented daughter to the ONLY One who can help.

    "25 But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.” 26 And he answered, “It is not right to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs.” 27 She said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table.” 28 Then Jesus answered her, “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed instantly."

    A mama's heart pleaded for a crumb. May we all be that desperate for the wholeness of our children and those we come into contact with every day.

    Father, forgive me for the times I've lost my focus and made You so tiny and insignificant. Faith, Lord. How desperately I need to keep my eyes firmly fixed on You. I plead for a crumb for my own daughters to be made whole and to be snatched from the evil one. I pray that same thing for my husband. You are the ONLY One I can turn to. Be it according to Your will, Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  4. Is anyone else weeping over today's reading besides me?

  5. Tears of repentance...

    It's raining outside
    It's raining in my heart

    Fresh and clean and new...

    Yes, Deborah
    crumbs for my children...

  6. Yes, my heart overflowed today at the magnitude of God and how I can make Him too small. And tendered to the compassion Jesus had for the Canaanite woman's daughter.

    Your tears, Deborah, are such a sweet manifestation of all that you've been through, still with a softened heart, a faithful prayer, a compassion that jumps off the page at times with your words.

    I've noticed, too, how well the two readings go together some days--God reveals Himself so perfectly to us. Still makes me step back and say Wow!