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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Job 16:3 and Matt 14:20 "Spirit Words or Windy Words" (January 14)

Was God speaking through Job's friends. 

Matthew 14:16 "Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." 

Matthew 14:20 "It is not you who speak, but the Spirit of the Father speaking through you."
Think about your conversations today, yesterday.  Did they touch deep places in you?
Did the words find a resting place in your heart, a safety net,

Job 16:3 "Shall windy words have an end?" 
Job's pain was not "assuaged."  Job found no resting place in community.
His eyes poured out tears to the God He wrestled to find.

I have a friend, many friends, who have "no idea" how they come across.
Listen to their words.  Are they Spirit words to you or just windy words?

All I can deal with is my own stuff because you see...
I've never really seen my face before and
sometimes I miss hearing the words I'm saying too.

Am I more concerned about that other person
than how I come across or how I can be fulfilled
in my relationship with you.
Or, do I de-personalize people for my own means?
Am I really there for other people?
That's Love ...
and Spirit Words will come. 


  1. He holds the number of my days (14:5).

    Job 16
    I do not want to be "miserable conforters" like Job's friends when those close to me are hurting. May His words speak through me if I am to speak (Matt. 10:20). Maybe I am to be quiet.

    I can feel Job's pain, frustration and confusion but NEVER hopelessness! (12-17)

  2. Windy words that don’t comfort. His friends were more helpful before when they sat in silence with him. Words can fall so short. A look of tenderness, a simple, attending presence speak more comfort than trying to explain away something. We learn so much about how to comfort a grieving one in these passages.

    “my prayer is pure” – Job 16:17 I agree, Nise. Job’s heart was shredded, and we feel such honest pain, but never without hope in His God.

    “When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour. For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. –Matthew 10:19-20 I love that “windy” empty words from miserable comforters are contrasted today with perfect “Wind” words of the true Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Beautiful picture of relying on Him to comfort and testify through us, instead of being anxious for what to say.

    Please pray for Lindsay and Mike as they run the Houston marathon tomorrow. And we’ll have a baby by Wednesday! Pray for Greg and Laura as Baby Bella is due on the 23rd but the doctor said he’ll induce if she’s not here by this Wednesday since she is a good size baby!

  3. The Road to the Olympics in triathlon starts tomorrow in Argentina. Add Barrett to your prayer list since we're praying for all these runners. It's the first Olympic qualifying event of 2012---only 10 US triathletes are there so he's competing against those 10 teammates as well as the 100 elite athletes from around the world. The field is so tight. And this mom heard that there are pirhanas in the water---they are supposed to be safe. Who has heard of a non-dangerous pirhana??? The child has no fear. Pray he does well. They've trained years for this moment, the opening of the road to the Olympics.

  4. Nise, so delighted you're back. Just LOVE your comments. You certainly have been a very encouraging comforter to me over the years! So glad you're back.

  5. And where is Miss Jean!!!???? Talk about someone who loves God with all her heart and so points us to Him.

    And Michele, the little package arrived and thrilled me! Thank you so much. I'll use it every day this year, oh yes I will!

    Ang!!!!! Do not leave us long! You are so missed. You can read whatever version you will only add to our thoughts. Love you so!

    Annette, wow, that's so awesome that Lindsay and Mike both are doing the marathon. Very admirable goal! And praying for that baby!!! A fresh unknown Image of God, a newborn life that your son will hold for the first time this week. Bone of his bone. Oh! Your son's baby. The little boy you once held, that first fresh feeling. And you will touch your son's son. Is it a baby boy? Praying for God's Hand on all of them.

  6. Oh, for the wisdom to have the comforting words or rather I am to be quiet and just listen and be there. I have been comforted so many times by a few close friends. Sometimes just voicing my fears or frustrations helped far more than any words that were spoken.
    May I remember that fact....Job's friends did give so much more comfort when they just sat silent.

    Praying for all of those running. My man is running a half marathon in March and a 10K in February. Admire those that put themselves out there to run. My man is running a great race for Jesus too, which is far more important to both of us.

    Annette, been wondering when that precious new bundle of joy was coming. Tuesday is a great day for a birthday, my oldest grand child will be 13 on that day and the youngest will be 7 on the 24th. Praying for a safe delivery and proud, happy parents. Grandparents will be, I have no doubt.

    Hope you are feeling better Bev, after your accident the other night. Know that you are glad to have your sweet Britt, back home on our soil. May all have a blessed Sabbath.

  7. I come away from today's reading, both Job and Matthew, and I am seeing a similarity that screams out "Why do the righteous suffer?"

    Job still suffers and seeks death as his reward.
    The disciples are sent out to perform miracles but are told that persecution will come to them.

    I don't want to get so caught up in the suffering. But how do we get through this and not see the pattern?

    Good vs evil. It permeates these holy words. We walk by faith and we trust God. We are promised to live in Glory at His appointed time. We have peace here on earth in Him...but are we promised to escape suffering?

    Is it always a result of sin?
    Or can it be a result of living righteously and obediently?

    Both of these situations...Job and Matthew's description of the call and results of being a disciple of that God is in control, evil abounds, obedience does not automatically deliver a reward in this life, but eternity proves that our hope is in God.