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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gen 21:17 and Matt 6:33 "What Troubles You?" (January 8)

The following three stories in today's reading have a common thread that yanks on my heart to not grow weary: They didn't give up, break down, lose faith, nor stay in the lane of treasuring earth. They called on God in their darkest hour.  Matt 6:20 says: Lay up for yourselves, treasures in heaven not on earth.  Seek first His Kingdom and God will add those things that concern you day in and day out according to His Good Plan A.  God's Love is not measured by our achievements or assignments but freely given while we are in plenty or in want.

#1 Genesis 20:17 * How do I respond when I'm caught like Abraham laying up treasures on earth, loving life here too much? In Genesis 20, Abraham stretches the truth to identfy Sarah as his sister, leaving out the part that she was also his wife.  But when confronted, Abraham calls on The Name of God and God healed Abimelech's household. 

#2 Genesis 21:12 * Whoa! Wait! The elderly Sarah gives birth and holds her miracle baby Isaac but the child of her dreams wasn't enough. She wants God to send Hagar and son into the wilderness and the Almighty agrees.  Wonder what Sarah's glaring green-like emerald eyes wanted more than the birth of this child?   God would take care of Hagar and her son by leaving them in their wilderness. Yet Hagar lifted her voice and called on That Name.  Gen 21:17 "What troubles you, Hagar?"  Fear Not.  I hear your voice."

# 3 Genesis 22:13 * Abraham says I am going to worship...with a knife to slaughter his son.  Yet behind Abraham's back, where he cannot see, is a ram caught in the thicket.  The LORD Will Provide. 

What Troubles You?


  1. El Roi “The Lord Who Sees.” Hagar named her son Ishmael “God hears”--for the Lord has heard of your misery” (Gen. 16:11) Every time Hagar called her son’s name, she was reminded that the Lord was faithful to her plight. Hagar looked up and cried, and the Lord heard and opened her eyes to show her water to save her son and herself. He sees. He hears. What troubles us this day does not go unnoticed.

    Jehovah Jireh, “the Lord will provide” – Abraham left “early the next morning” to take his beloved son, the one whom he easily could have placed all his hope for God’s promises, to tell God he trusted God Himself, more than the promise. The faith of Abraham and the relationship he had with his God is wholly invested not in the outcome but the Source of Blessing.

    “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” –Matthew 6:21 Seeking first His Kingdom allows everything else to fall into place.

    Let us order our lives, our priorities, like Abraham, that nothing may come before Him, our Lord and our God.

  2. God was so close to Abraham and Sarah. He wouldn't let her be ravished. He was there watching and protecting her. He revealed the dire warning in a dream to Abimelech that He was sending death if Sarah was not sent back unharmed.
    And then, He was so close to Abraham and Isaac as the altar was being prepared. He watched Abraham take those steps of faith...costly steps...and then, He gave the substitute sacrifice in Isaac's place. A test.

    What is going on in our lives right now that God is protecting us from and possibly testing us through.

    Don't be anxious.
    Don't lay up treasures here on earth.

    Our Father knows our needs and care for us closely.