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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gen 16:13 and Matt 5:48 "A God of Seeing" (January 6)

Gen 16:8 "Where have you come from and where are you going?" 
It's a question we all need to ask ourselves. 
The angel asks the question of Hagar in the wilderness
even though the angel probably knew. 
The angel's reply ~ Return and Repent. 
And Hagar calls on the Name of the LORD Who spoke to her,
"You are a God of seeing."  Gen 16:13
A God Who sees all the affliction, betrayal, aloneness, confusion, and trials. 

"Walk before Me and be blameless."  Gen 17:1
"Be perfect as your Heavenly Father was perfect." Mat 5:48
No one, not one, can be blameless perfect.
So, fall forward on the God Who Sees.
And lift up your eyes to the stars tonight.
Same stars that guided Abraham in the darkest of night.
Every day's end, he sat under the stars
that were a Promise to him of what God would do.
And He gazed and he waited.
And he remembered the God Who Sees.


  1. As I watch a loved one commit sin. I am so reminded of my sin and how God sees both of us. As my heart breaks over choices that I know are wrong and I have counseled and pointed out the wrong, He has spoken to me and I have had had unexpected opportunities to worship.

    God sees it ALL. How I pray for my loved one and oh, how I pray for the scales to fall off of my eyes that I may see my own sin. I want to be found blameless before Him. I want to confess and repent of my sin.

    Through my trial of hurting because of the wrong choices of another I have been given the opportunity go further and deeper with Him. What a great God we serve. He truly sees it all and He is working all things for my good and for the good of my loved one. I fall forward, not backward as I lift up my eyes to the same stars that guided Abraham so long ago.

  2. Hagar’s proclamation: “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” – Gen. 16:13
    I make the same grateful statement this morning, as I look back over a lifetime of His faithfulness. He has shown Himself to me and looked after me so tenderly.

    With New Covenant, He even gives new names.
    Gen 17:5, 15.

    He makes us new into His likeness, as we enter covenant with Him. He is faithful from generation to generation to the children of Abraham.

    “…what more are you doing than others?”
    – Matthew 5:47
    If we are not going beyond in our forgiveness, our servitude, our love, who would know that we belong to the Lord Jesus?

  3. Mary Lou and Annette, I agree with your comments today. I think of all the amazing and overwhelming grace God has shown me and humbles me. When I look at sins of my family, I am overwhelmed by my sins which are far worse than anything I see in others. He loves us and forgets all sins when we ask for His forgiveness. In 2012 this will be my prayer, to forget, to love like Christ loves me. And when I let go with both hands, empty and free, He grabs them and lifts me up to places I never dreamed I could be. Just rest there, in his arms when you are weary and let go, let Him love you.

  4. So thankful for grace today.

    I've gone ahead before God and made a mess of things, just like Abram, Sarai and Hagar.

    And if it's just as bad to THINK bad thoughts as it is to ACT on them...I'm guilty.

    Revenge? Oh man, I'm nailed on this one. Eye for an's human nature to want justice.

    It would be so hard today to find someone who hasn't been guilty of swearing. I hear it all the time.

    Oaths? Swearing? Seems so commonplace...

    Jesus revealed in these few verses just how desperately we need a Saviour. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    Yes, I have.

    So thankful for grace...

  5. I will post today's in a few minutes. I could not get onto blogger last night, it was down for several hours.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.