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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

"Leave Every Event to His Gracious Disposal" Ezekiel 33-34, I Peter 5

"Humility preserves peace in the church.
Pride disturbs it." M. Henry
Humble yourselves and wait.
In His due time, not "fancied" scheme of time.
What difficulties cannot be met by His Power, His Wisdom, His Goodness?
Be humbled under His Hand.
Cast all your cares, even the worst day of your life 11/26/18.
All means all.  The cares about your family and your ministry and your everything.
And Matthew Henry even mentions: "the torturing of the mind."
"Leave every event to His wise and gracious disposal...
God's counsel is right...
Refer all to God's disposal...
the Golden Mines of all spiritual comfort and good are wholly His...
will He not furnish what is fit for us?"
We just need to lay that care, even the very worst Tuesday night 11/26/18 cares of my life.
The consideration of what others suffer should encourage me to bear my share in this affliction.  
Paraphrased thoughts of Matthew Henry

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